Our promise

Our values

Nurse Maude prides itself on maintaining a high standard of values – they are central to everything we do.

We care about those we work for and with.

We will always achieve more by working together.

Those we care for and work with deserve our respect.

We will always look for ways to improve our services and make where we work a better place.

We will keep our word and always act in good faith.

Our promise

You are central to everything we do. Whenever you contact us you will receive a helpful response and high quality service.

We Promise

• Your enquiries will be responded to promptly
• You will be treated with courtesy and respect
• You will be listened to, and involved in, all aspects of the care we provide
• Explanations will be provided in a way you can understand
• You will receive a prompt and helpful response to any problem
• You can rely on a continuously improving service

Our partners in care

Working in partnership with others is what makes Nurse Maude a significant contributor to the New Zealand health sector.

Our continued investment in technology  gives us the means to provide nursing and homecare across greater geographic areas and the skill, compassion and commitment of our staff make it happen.


Nurse Maude welcomes feedback and concerns on any aspect of its service.

In the first instance please ring 375 4200 and ask for our Privacy Officer or email info@nursemaude.org.nz

Your local advocacy service may be contacted on 0800 555 050 and the Health & Disability Commissioner on 0800 11 22 23

Privacy statement

The Code of Health & Disability Services Consumer Rights applies to all health and disability support services in New Zealand. The Code gives rights to all consumers.

A summary of those rights include the right to;

1. Be treated with respect, dignity and independence

2. Be free from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation

3. Receive services and support of an appropriate standard

4. Effective communication

5. Make an informed choice and give informed consent

6. Complain

7. The right to have an advocate or support person with you

If any of these rights, in your opinion, are not being met a complaint can be made to the manager of the service from which you are receiving care or the Chief Executive of Nurse Maude.

Your local advocacy service can be contacted on 0800 555 050 and the Health and Disability Commissioner on 0800 11 22 33

Nurse Maude protects the privacy of patients and clients, abiding by the Health Information Privacy Code 1994

For more information please contact the Nurse Maude Privacy Officer on 375 4200 or info@nursemaude.org.nz